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  • Black Gloss Finish Front OLED/LED TV Prop Monitor
  • Base Black Acrylic Base/Stand Included
  • New Smoke Grey Acrylic Accent Trim

  • Screen in Simulated-Off-Position withNo Glare-Non Reflective Screen  
  • Features a full solid back
  • NEW add a Screen Print Image

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Outside Dimensions Wall Mounted

  • 21 1/4" W x 11 1/2" H x 1/2" D
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Sleek and Contemporary this 22 inch Prop TV offers a true flat panel non reflective, no glare matte finished screen area. Surrounding the screen is a 3/8 inch thin high gloss black frame bezel, resembling the OLED/LED televisions currently on the market today. The back of the Prop TVs are fully finished in black plastic so the TV props look good and displays well in any setting. Ultra thin profile and Smoke Grey Acrylic side trims offers great added accents to this fake TV prop. Along with the side trim, the contemporary base is made with the same Smoke Grey acrylic for a cohesive modern look. Displays in a Snap! Simply slide the base into the bottom of the prop then, slide the heel support onto the back. Stand it up. That’s it! Wall Mount? No problem. Simply hang on a nail like you would a picture frame, no brackets required.

All of our Fake TV Props have true LED flat panel non reflective matte finished screen areas.  No unsightly snap in screen tabs to distract from the realistic look of Simulated Prop TVs.

22 - Inch Fake TV Prop Wall Mountable with Base Stands included


by PropTVs.com

Price           $27.00 each

Shipping     $19.00 up to 4 units

Total            $46.00

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22 inch Fake TV Props


Slim Profile Dimension

  • about 1/2 Inch

Dimensions with Base Stands (Foot Print)

  • 21 1/4" W x 13 1/2" x 3 3/4" D (footprint)